A New Man?

I feel like a new man.

Not sure if anyone remembers this post, but after much thought and deliberation, it has been decided by the powers-that-be that henceforth I shall be A.H. George. Not exactly an earth-shattering difference. Still, I like the initials. And it is still me.
(Although I did like someone’s idea of using the very rock n’ roll Axel George.)
In other news, the American literary agent has been on vacation in Maine, which is why we have heard no news from that quarter. Soon, we hope.

One Response to A New Man?

  1. Louis Barfe says:

    Probably a wise move. Oddly, when I started out on this authordom lark, I considered writing as L.F. Barfe very seriously. Not sure why I didn’t go for it.

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