How to Eat Ice Cream

My father took these photographs while we in France last month.  This is in a restaurant in Albi, near to my parents’ home.  This is my daughter Catherine, who is four, and who is displaying a gratifyingly Epicurean streak.  Good to the last drop, or dollop.

Update: my mother has written to tell me, somewhat indignantly, that she was the one who took the photos, thank you very much.  She also says that the music is rubbish, and they are working on adding something appropriate Gallic.  I can hardly wait.

Latest Update: same movie, new soundtrack with added French flare.  Allegedly.


6 Responses to How to Eat Ice Cream

  1. Christina George says:

    Reminds me of her father!

  2. ahgeorge says:

    Look, it’s this sort of disgraceful ad hominem abuse that gives the internet a bad name.

  3. Hellen Beveridge says:

    Frankly I am worried about your powers of observation – given that your Father is in the photos it is unlikely that he could have taken them.

    However, your daughter is adorable. I must congratulate Christina on providing such magnificent genes!

  4. rblewis says:

    is your father the chap with his head in his hands ?

    • ahgeorge says:

      No – you can see him in the mirror behind C’s head – just to her left, as you look at it. He’s in the first few shots. If his head were in his hands, it was only in a metaphorical sense.

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